Winter Health Habits


As close as we are getting to Spring, Winter still has a hold on New York. We know you’ve done a great job taking care of yourself this winter, and it is important to maintain those healthy habits throughout the season. Winter is certainly a down time, so we’ve put together some tips to help you come out strong in Spring.

The Basics

Let’s start with three health basics: we want your nervous system functioning optimally, proper water intake, and quality sleep to be achieved.

  1. Nervous System: Chiropractic care restores your spine to its ideal range of motion and keeps your nervous system functioning as it should. This is essential beacuse the nervous system is how your body communicated. The better it functions, the better your body operates as a whole. Your spine provides a strong foundation for your overall health and wellness, so start with regular chiropractic adjustments. Click here to schedule your next appointment.

  2. Proper Water Intake: Every cell in your body needs water. Winter sometimes mean we move less than we normally would, and staying properly hydrated will help not only the basic functions of the cells, but also lymphatic flow (waste system). Your goal should be to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water daily.

  3. Quality Sleep: There’s no way around it - we all need sleep! If you want to maintain (or obtain) better health, you have to get quality sleep and enough of it. Try to keep to a sleep routine, meaning going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time (even during the weekend!).

Get Moving!

One thing about winter is that it is easy to be lazy. Cold temperatures make it hard to get outside and get moving. Try to remain as consistent as possible, no matter the season. You can always change up your exercise routine. Instead of walking on the treadmill, throw on some snowshoes and get outside. Or join a gym that offers aquatic exercises - warm water sounds great on a cold winter day. Set goals for yourself and stick to them. It might be harder to get going, but don’t let winter stop you!

Healthy Eating Habits

Though foods change with the seasons, travel and the ability to ship have made nearly all fruits and vegetables accessible throughout the year. Sure, comfort foods sound amazing on a cold day, but keep them in moderation. Just because it’s a dormant season doesn’t mean your healthy eating habits are dormant, too!

Winter is a tough time to maintain health goals, but it is completely doable. Remember the the basics of your healthcare (chiropractic, water, and sleep), create and maintain realistic wellness goals, and keep active. Winter is coming to a close, so keep yourself committed! Do you have any tips to staying healthy through the winter season? Let us know in the comments below!