What a Pain in the...Wrist?!


If you aren’t familiar with chiropractic care, you are probably like many others who believe that chiropractors are back and neck doctors. While that is true, chiropractic care can help with so much more…even wrist pain!

A Real Pain in the Wrist

You may not even think about it, but your wrist is one of your most used joints. No matter what your routine is or what kind of job you have, your wrist is put to use every single day. It is true that pain can occur for those who are athletes that put high strain on the wrist compared to the average person, but the majority of people put a great deal of stress on their wrists while working.

For those with desk jobs, it is important to be aware of how you are positioning your wrist while at work. For example, if you don’t hold your wrist in a neutral position, you can cause micro-traumas in the ligaments, bones, and joints. Eventually, these seemingly small issues can lead to more serious injuries. When it comes to injuries, chiropractors can be a great help. Not only does chiropractic care promote overall health and wellness, it promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Joint adjustments and manipulations in the hand and wrist can effectively treat wrist injuries.

Common Symptoms of Wrist Injuries

We understand that you might want to ignore painful symptoms, especially when you are still able to maintain your daily routine. However, ignoring the issue doesn’t make it go away. Do yourself a favor and take the time to get your wrist checked out if you are experiencing these symptoms:

  • Soreness

  • Clicking

  • Tingling

  • Stiffness

  • Numbness

  • Swelling and hard to move

  • Extremely Hot or Cold

When it comes to wrist pain, the biggest culprit is often overuse. When your strained muscle is left untreated, it becomes inflamed and causes more and more pain. Repetitive twisting and gripping of the arm is one way to bring on a wrist strain. Along with chiropractic care, a wrist brace can be used to support your wrist and maintain a neutral position to keep pain away.

When is it Time to Seek Chiropractic Care?

If you are regularly experiencing wrist or joint pain, contact us to see if chiropractic care can help. We may be able to restore functionality to your wrist, relieve your pain, and get you back on track to living life pain-free.