Show Your Spine Some Love!


Valentine’s Day is here, and most of us will be showing our loved ones we care with gifts, cards, candy, and flowers. In fact, we spend millions and millions of dollars on this day alone throughout the country. But this year, we want you to show your spine a little love. We challenge you to put forth an equal effort into loving your back for Valentine's Day!

  • Sit with Proper Posture. Many of us spend hours and hours sitting everyday. It is a task we do without even thinking. Next time you take a seat, be aware of how you are sitting. Bad posture can put an immense amount of strain on your low back. Aim to sit with your shoulders back and your spine straight. Be sure that your body weight is distributed evenly on your hips and that your knees are at a right angle with your feet flat on the floor. This will reduce the strain on your low back muscles.
  • Sleep with Proper Posture. Proper posture isn't limited to sitting! When you are asleep, your body is recuperating and recharging itself from the busy day you had. Sleeping with proper posture will allow your body's charging system to work at its best. Try not to sleep on your stomach, as this can strain your spine and neck. Support pillows for your neck and lower back can help promote proper posture.
  • Strengthen Your Core. If you improve the strength of your core, you can reduce some of the stress your back experiences. You can find a number of great core strengthening exercises through The Mayo Clinic. 
  • Weight Management. A few extra pounds may not seem like much, but that weight adds up to increased stress on your spine. By better managing your weight, you can help your spine support your body with less stress.
  • Stretch. Stretching before exercising is good for the muscles to get them warmed up. When your muscles are warm and flexible, sports related injuries are prevented. Stretching also helps with soothing and managing back pain.

Another great way to show your back some love this Valentine's Day is to schedule your next chiropractic adjustment with us. Give us a call today!