Can Chiropractic Care Help With Weight Loss?


As we head in to the New Year, the talk of weight loss as part of New Years Resolutions can be heard just about everywhere. We’ve already provided you with the tips to keep your New Years Resolutions, but did you know chiropractic care may help with your weight loss goals?

The fact of the matter is that there is no quick and easy hack to lose weight. Any company or product claiming it can provide that should not be trusted. At the end of the day, it takes making lifestyle changes and changing those unhealthy habits with healthy ones. One great habit to pick up that can improve your overall health is regular chiropractic care. Studies have shown that chiropractic provides many health benefits, and though we won’t promise an instant cure-all for health issues, there’s evidence that shows chiropractic can help even with losing weight.

Chiropractic Care Can Positively Impact Weight

We find that many of our patients are unable to reach their weight loss goals because they fixate on only one area of weight loss, whether it’s changing their diet, going for a run, or seeing their chiropractor. Ultimately, they don’t see the results they want, so they quit altogether. In order to be successful in your weight loss journey, living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to go about it. That means a combination of healthy food choices, regular exercise, and visiting your chiropractor! Chiropractic care is meant to treat your body holistically. The goal is not to only provide relief from things like back and neck pain, but to help the body heal and properly function so you are less likely to face health issues like weight gain.

How Does It Help?

During your chiropractic appointment, our team of chiropractic professionals will examine your spinal column for misalignments. These can interfere with the central nervous system, hindering communication between your body and your brain. As a result, your body won’t be able to function optimally and functions may decline, including your metabolic system and your body’s ability to burn fat. When chiropractic adjustments are performed using gentle and effective techniques, the spine is returned to proper alignment, restoring vital communication.

If you are ready to take your health into your own hands and commit to your goal of losing weight in the new year, we can help. Our team is committed to providing only the best healthcare, and we want to help you achieve your health goals. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to get your health back on track!