What Are Your Muscle Spasms Telling You?


When it comes to muscle spasms, the excruciating pain is unlike anything else. It can wake you out of a deep sleep, stop you in your tracks, or have you on the floor writhing in pain. There are many different causes of muscle spasms and chiropractic can help.

Why Do Muscle Spasms Happen?

Sometimes muscle spasms are caused by an injury to the muscle, but in most cases there is an underlying issue that causes your muscle to seize up. Inflammation, dehydration, facet joint arthritis, overuse, and even some diseases like diabetes can cause muscle spasms. For patients that experience muscle spasms in the back, the culprit is often narrowed down to degenerative disc disease, facet joint arthritis, or poor posture.

What Are My Treatment Options?

As chiropractors, our ultimate goal isn’t to treat the spasms itself, but the underlying issue that is causing your muscles to spasm. Some doctors may prescribe drugs like muscle relaxers, but that is only a temporary fix. We want to treat the underlying root cause so our patients can be free of the health issues negatively impacting their lives. Additionally, many are become more and more adverse to taking pills that can lead to addiction.

Some drug-free and natural solutions to treat back spasms include:

Do I Need Immediate Attention?

When it comes to back related issues, we suggest visiting your primary care physician or scheduling an appointment with us to rule out serious problems. If you are experiencing loss of bladder or bowel control, pain radiating in the upper back up to the jaw or down the arm, and/or numbness of your lower extremities, seek immediate medical attention.

If those issues have been ruled out and you are looking for relief from muscle spasms for a pinched nerve, degenerative disc disease, facet joint arthritis, or plain overuse, contact us today. Our expert chiropractic team can create a plan of treatment specific to your needs to address and correct the underlying issues you are experiencing.