Tips to Correct Your Posture

Posture is vital to your overall health, but it can be tough to correct poor posture because the muscles that create your posture cannot be contracted consciously. That typically leaves people wondering what they can do to correct their posture. Here are 5 tips I've given to patients over the years:

1. Sleep with the correct pillow

Your head and neck should be aligned with the rest of your spine while you are sleeping. This is best achieved by sleeping with only one pillow.

2. Text/Read while lying down (whenever possible)

Text neck is a real thing (similar to posture caused from reading while standing or sitting as well). If you can, text or read while lying down. This prevents the typical forward neck bend and rounded shoulders that lead to neck, shoulder and back pain.

3. Ladies, check your purses

If you're carrying around a bulky purse all day it will definitely affect your posture. Especially if you wear it on the same shoulder every time. Across the shoulder straps are best, but if you prefer hand purses or one shoulder purses be sure to alternate hands/shoulders to prevent the body from side leaning.

4. Gentlemen, check your wallets

Do you keep your wallet in your back pocket? If so, you are likely sitting down on it at some point throughout the day which negatively affects your posture. If your wallet is full to the brim it can also lead to lower back pain. My suggestion, empty your wallet as much as possible and never sit on it!

5. Eat Sitting Down

I know it seems funny, that I'd encourage sitting down since there are so many studies proving that sitting too much is detrimental. However, if you eat while standing up with a plate in hand or at a coffee table that is much lower, your tendency will be to extend your neck and head out toward your plate to reach for your food. This contributes to a forward head lean and trapezius strain.

Posture is extremely important to your overall health, and these tips, in addition to regular chiropractic adjustments will help to improve your posture. Get started with regular chiropractic by requesting an appointment today.