Stretches to Do After a Car Accident

Car Accidents

Have you recently been involved in a collision on the road? Whether it’s a no-fault accident or a simple fender bender, one of your first steps should be to visit your chiropractor in Brooklyn, NY. The team at Williamsburg Chiropractic is experienced in helping patients recover after a car accident, and we can recommend some stretches and corrective exercises to help relieve your back and neck pain

When Is It Safe to Stretch After a Car Accident?

After being in a car accident, it's important to listen to your body and give it time to heal. While the adrenaline rush might make you feel fine initially, you may have incurred hidden injuries that don’t result in pain right away. 

Typically, experts recommend waiting at least 72 hours before attempting any stretches or exercises following a car accident. This timeframe allows your body to begin the healing process and reduces the risk of further injury.

During these initial days post-accident, focus on resting, icing any sore areas, and seeking medical attention if needed. That includes your chiropractor, who can assess your condition and provide guidance on safe stretches and corrective exercises tailored to your specific needs.

Stretches to Do for Back & Neck Pain After a Car Accident

The doctors at Williamsburg Chiropractic may recommend specific stretches to help alleviate the discomfort and promote healing after a car accident. These stretches target key muscles in your back that may have been strained or injured during the impact.

One common stretch is the cat-cow stretch, where you arch your back up like a cat and then lower it down like a cow. This movement helps to increase flexibility and mobility in the spine, which can ease post-accident back pain. Another effective stretch is the child’s pose, which gently stretches out the lower back muscles.

Shoulder blade squeezes are also beneficial in relieving neck tension. While sitting or standing, hold your arms out to your sides and squeeze your shoulder blades together as if trying to hold a pencil between them. Hold for 5-10 seconds and release.

Another effective stretch is chin tucks. Sit or stand tall, tuck your chin towards your chest without moving your shoulders, and hold for 5-10 seconds. This helps strengthen neck muscles and improve posture.

These stretches can aid in reducing stiffness and promoting healing after a car accident-related neck injury. But before trying them, consult with your Brooklyn chiropractor to ensure that you’re taking the right steps toward healing. 

Visit Williamsburg Chiropractic for Help After a Car Accident

Even if you don’t feel hurt, a car accident can cause significant trauma. Left unchecked, this can develop into more severe and painful issues. The doctors at Williamsburg Chiropractic specialize in assessing and treating injuries that are common after car accidents, which can include recommending stretches to help you manage the pain. Schedule your appointment with us today to get started on your road to recovery.

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Williamsburg Chiropractic is a quality practice all around.The front desk staff are always kind and responsive, Dr. Hoffman & Dr. Thomas are informative and consistently demonstrate expertise in their field, and I've never had a single billing issue (even while using my medical insurance plan).I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Williamsburg Chiropractic if you're experiencing any pain or discomfort - no matter the severity - as they may be able to help!

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I suffered from a pinched nerve from my neck running down my arm for 3 months. It stopped me from working out which I had been doing daily. Went to a physical therapist for 2 of the 3 months. Did acupuncture regularly. Visited a neurologist. I did not want to take any medication to get rid of the pain, but nothing was working. Until I found Williamsburg Chiropractic.After very thorough examination and 1 week of treatment, we had established the reason for my pinched nerve and the pain had reduced by 60%. 2 weeks after that the pain was completely gone and I am now back to my routine of lifting heavy weights. BIG BIG thank you to the amazing people at Williamsburg Chiropractic. I am forever grateful and VERY HIGHLY recommend them to anyone suffering from any sort of body aches.

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Super professional, and human. I felt seen, heard and I feel there is a real path to higher well-being through this practice.

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I tweaked my back weightlifting, and it was pretty painful to say the least. Within one session with Dr. Hoffman, I was in significantly less pain, and in two sessions in two days I was near back to normal. If you're debating a holistic route to pain, this is a great place to start. They x-ray you so they know exactly what they're working with and are very patient with explaining everything going on with your body. Would recommend!

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