Slip and Fall? We Can Help!

Though Fall is in full swing, that doesn’t mean you want to experience a slip and fall! The first measures you should take after a slip and fall accident injury are crucial to your health, and we are here to help.


After a slip and fall accident, you could experience muscle, joint, or bone trauma just about anywhere in your body. These injuries can lead to severe pain and limit your day-to-day activities. If untreated, they can become a source of constant irritation and pain. Your top priority after a slip and fall accident should be to get medical care. Even if you think medical attention isn’t necessary, you sometimes won’t feel the immediate effects of an injury and they could present themselves later. It is in your best interest to get checked out as quickly as possible.


After a slip and fall, you will probably feel many different things: embarrassment, shock, and even physical pain. Most people don’t grasp how serious their fall was because they don’t realize that injuries can actually become worse as time goes on. Your body suffered a trauma, and it should be taken seriously that the fall you experienced can lead to pinched nerves, neck pain, and long-lasting damage. For these reasons, it is imperative that you seek out medical attention after a slip and fall, especially from a chiropractor.

Your ligaments, joints, muscles, and bones are all affected after a slip and fall accident and your spine is particularly vulnerable to injury as people tend to fall on their back. That physical pain can also lead to mental suffering, as both the pain experienced can be frustrating along with limited capabilities. When you aren’t able to function at your best, it is challenging to miss out on the the quality of life you are used to.

Seeking a chiropractor provides you with a natural, non-invasive, non-addictive treatment option that can give you the pain relief you are seeking. At Williamsburg Chiropractic, we create unique treatment plans for our patients that cater to their specific needs. Our experienced team of chiropractic professionals is trained to treat an array of injuries, including those experienced during a slip and fall, from strains and sprains to back and neck pain.

Monetary compensation might be on your mind, but your health is your number one priority. We know what a financial burden a personal injury can cause, and our team here is to work with you to find the best options to fit your budget. Contact us today for a consultation so you can get back on track to optimal health.