Holiday Travel Tips


The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year…except for those of us that are traveling! During the holidays, airports and highways see more traffic than just about any other time. The more people there are traveling, the more likely you are to endure some travel woes. Here are our tips to ease some of those traveling frustrations for both your mind and your body. 

In the Sky

Whether it is from hauling your bags across the airport or lifting them up in storage compartments, holiday travel can cause issues for your back. To avoid any injuries from heavy lifting, always try to pack as light as possible. If you have to back on the heavier side, be sure to check your bags and let the crew handle the heavy lifting. When you do have to lift your luggage, remember to lift with your legs and not your back. 

When it comes to longer flights, don’t hesitate to take a walk around the plane to stretch your legs and back (as long as the flight attendants permit it, of course). Walking up and down the aisles can restore circulation to your legs and arms. If you find yourself to be uncomfortable while seated, try to massage your legs every now and then or prop your feet up on a bag to change positions. You can also rock your feet from heel to toe for some in-flight exercise or even scrunch your toes and release them to relieve some stress. 

Hitting the Road

Unless you’re riding in Santa’s sleigh, you are bound to see some holiday traffic. Start your road trip off right and dress comfortably. When you wear loose clothing, your body is better able to move freely so you can do small stretches like shoulder rolls while you are driving. If you seat has lumbar support, be sure it is on or support your back with a small pillow or rolled up towel.

 It is also very important to be well-rested. If you start to feel tired, pull over at an exit for a stretch and refreshment break. There’s no shame in calling it a night and going to a hotel if you are just too tired to drive on safely. If you are the passenger, help your driver stay alert. Besides, what is a good road trip with playing car games? 

Beat the Travel Blues

There is no doubt about the fact that traveling can be tough both on your mind and body, particularly during the holidays. Travel plans don’t always go off without a hitch, so prepare your body to the best of your abilities. Maintain your regular chiropractic appointments (contact us to schedule your next adjustment) so your body is functioning as it should be before your next big trip. With all the challenges of traveling – whether it is needing to focus while driving or stress for airline travel – you will surely benefit from a nervous system that is communicating optimally. Nobody wants to suffer during the holidays, and we are here to help.