Healthy Living and Chiropractic Care


I exercise regularly. I don’t feel any aches or pains. I don’t see any need to go to the chiropractor. Sound familiar? If you’ve ever thought that to yourself, then keep reading. Your health isn’t about not being in pain, and actually has very little to do with pain. Chiropractic, though effective as a natural pain relief tool, has far greater benefits for your health and wellness than just relieving back pain. It’s also great for regular healthcare.

No Pain? That Doesn’t Equal Health

A common misconception we often hear is that if you are not in pain, you are in good health. The nervous system, also known as the body’s communication system, is what you live your entire life through. Your brain sends electrical impulses through the spinal cord and miles of nerves to every cell, structure, organ, and system in your body. Those cells, organs, structures, and systems then send impulses back through the same nerves, back up your spinal cord, and finally to your brain. That circle is your communication system.

About 11% of your nervous system has the ability to transmit pain. The means approximately 89% of your body’s communication system doesn’t, and can’t, transmit pain. If you use pain as the primary or sole indicator of your health, you don’t have an accurate understanding of your health. Just because you aren’t in main doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

Regular Stretching & Exercise? That Doesn’t Mean A Healthy Spine

We are big proponents of stretching and regular exercise. It is an essential part of a healthy life, but regular exercise and being able to move well with ease doesn’t equal health.

When you get your body moving for stretching or exercise routines, you are doing “global” ranges of motion. These are bigger movements like touching your toes, bringing your knees to your chest, or lifting a barbell. The ability to perform these bigger movements are a result of our segmental motions, which are smaller motions of the joints. When the segmental motions are fully optimized, so are the global motions. That means that as long as the segmental motion of your joints is full and healthy, the foundation for global range is set. Tweaks, small changes, or impairments of segmental range of motion will hinder the global range of motion.

The key here is to recognize that it takes a significant decrease in segmental range of motion to actually see a difference in global range of motion. By the time you notice significant changes in your muscle and exercise routines, the segmental impairment is likely to have existed for quite some time. Sometimes it is the number of small injuries that go unnoticed and unrestored that result in big issues.

Why To Get Checked By A Chiropractor

The main reason to seek out chiropractic care is for the health of your spine and nervous system. Though health is about function, not necessarily about feeling, feeling great is an added benefit of good health! Chiropractic care supports your body’s functionality and health by restoring spinal segmental range of motion.

When your spine is healthy, it moves well with as close to full segmental range of motion as possible and is able to facilitate optimal function of the nervous system. With better health, your body has the potential to communicate better and more effectively. With chiropractic care in addition to your regular exercise and stretching routine, you are likely to feel better. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!