First Father's Day? These Tips Are For You!

So, you’re a new dad and looking forward to celebrating your first Father’s Day. You probably feel a combination of joy, fear, sleep deprivation and everything in between. You’ve certainly heard plenty of advice, and you’ll most likely find in time that much of it is useful. One piece of advice that new parents don’t often put at the top of their list is the importance of taking care of their own health. With this new little one to worry about, it is easy to skip your own needs. You’ve probably found that your back takes on a lot of extra stress with the new arrival, and it is your back that needs a little extra TLC. Here are our tips for new dads to have a healthy spine this Father’s Day. Moms, these can certainly apply to you too, so keep reading!

Get Sleep!

This one is going to be hard to do for a while, but be sure to get rest in when you can. When your body doesn’t get enough sleep, all of your muscles just get tired. When this happens, your lower back suffers as it picks up the slack. This frequently leads to pain and even long-term injury.

Lift With Your Legs

You’ve definitely hear this advice about picking up heavy objects like furniture and boxes, but that little bundle of joy is going to get heavy…fast. To protect your back over the long run, practice lifting properly. Try to avoid stooping over at the waist and bend at the knees instead. This is especially true when it comes to changing diapers! Try to use a surface that keeps you from staying bent over. It might not seem like much now, but after a few thousand diaper changes, it will!

Chiropractic Care

Raising kids is the toughest work in the world, so make things a little easier with chiropractic care. Regular chiropractic adjustments will help keep your back in proper alignment. Our chiropractic team excels at using spinal manipulations to align the vertebrae of the spine, treating injury and relieving pain. Misalignments of those vertebrae cause problems for many people, and regular adjustments can help you maintain better health so you can keep up with your growing family.

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