Chiropractic: More Than Back And Neck Pain Relief

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing "chiropractic" is back or neck pain relief. However, chiropractors can help with much more than back pain and neck pain. Besides helping you with your overall health and wellness, there are multiple injuries and conditions that chiropractic care can help with.

Chiropractic adjustments allow your nervous system to function at its best by removing interferences (misalignments) in the nervous system. These interferences can prevent your nervous system from proper communication with all the systems in your body. When your nervous system is functioning optimally you will stand your best chance of fighting off sickness and staying well. So before you bring certain complaints to your primary care physician, here are some other things chiropractic care can help you with:


Arthritis is not necessarily an age related condition. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints and is commonly caused by a misalignments of the bones. Chiropractors relieve arthritis pain by restoring proper alignment of the bones and alleviating stiffness. 


Allergies are most common in the spring time, and are sometimes due to a weakened immune system. Chiropractic adjustments can boost your immune system giving you your best chance to fight off allergies. 

Ear Infections

Ear infections are particularly common among infants and children, and are best fought off by a strong immune system. Chiropractic adjustments can also help to treat ear infections. This is done with adjustments performed to assist with the drainage of the ear to avoid buildup. This allows antibodies to speed up the recovery process.


Headaches and migraines are usually signs of a problem. Taking a pill to alleviate the symptoms won't stop the headache from returning. Headache/migraine pain can be relieved with regular chiropractic adjustments. 

These are just a few of the more common problems that chiropractic can help with. Give us a call 718-222-9700 to see if chiropractic can help relieve you from your suffering!