Chiropractic for Knee Pain


If you've ever experienced knee pain, you know even the most basic daily activities can feel almost impossible. Whether its bending down to pick up the grocery bags, climbing up the office stars, or just getting out of bad, knee pain poses a problem and has negative effects on your ability to accomplish day-to-day tasks.

Chiropractic Can Help

So what are your options: live with the pain, reduce your activities, take more pain meds? None of those sound like a great option to us. What about chiropractic care? We regularly treat patients overcoming a number of health issues, and knee pain is one of them. Rather than focus on relieving the pain, we start by addressing the underlying issues that are likely the cause of your knee pain (when it isn't caused by an acute injury) and help alleviate pain through a combination of techniques.

Usually there are several angles of approach to treating knee pain. We may incorporate the use of ice to reduce inflammation of the joint or soft tissue massage, which can help to improve the range of motion of the knee. Additionally, we will use chiropractic manipulations in the areas of the knee and surrounding joints that are experiencing restricted movement. Our expertise, combined with the use of multiple treatment methods, can reduce your knee pain while increasing its range of motion and improving overall function.

What Are The Signs?

If you are not sure if you should receive chiropractic for your knee pain, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you tried to limit your activity levels?
  • Are you taking pain medication?
  • Is the knee pain so severe that it is limiting your ability to function normally in daily life? .

If you answered yes to these questions and your knee pain remains bothersome, it is time to schedule an appointment with us. Consistent pain is not something you have to just live with. We will address the issues in and around your knee in relation to the pain, and we will also investigate if there are other ligament issues in the body that could actually be the true cause of your pain, or contributing to it. Many people don't realize it but tightness in the lower back or limited range of motion in the hips can put an excessive amount of stress on the knees, leading to pain.

We will address the issues causing your discomfort and get you on the path to living pain-free!