Balance: It Starts With Your Feet!


As chiropractors, we are known as back and neck doctors. Many of the patients we treat are seeking neck pain and back pain relief, along with a number of other issues. But what many people don’t realize is that your feet are incredibly important in relation to your spine. You sit, stand, walk, and run all throughout the day. Perhaps there are times your shoes don’t fit quite right, or are particularly brutal on your feet (like high heels), and you then wonder why you are suffering from back pain. It’s time to show your feet the appreciation they deserve! Here’s what you should know:

Your Feet Allow Movement

Trivia Time: How many ligaments, muscles, and tendons are in your feet? Over 100! Next question: how many bones are in your feet? If you said 52, you got it right. Amazingly, the foot is home to 1/4 of the body’s bones and the average person will walk what is equivalent to 4 times around the world in their lifetime. Those numbers along probably give you an idea of how important it is to take care of our feet. We don’t often think about it, but our feet provide stability and movement. Even the development of a small problem will cause the body to react and respond, adapting the way in which you walk, run, and stand. An altered gain can cause stress on the low back, resulting in further pain and dysfunction. The health of our feet is often overlooked, but it is essential that you take great care of them.

Caring for your Feet

Usually pain indicates bigger issues at play. An example is plantar fasciitis, which showcases itself through pain, but is actually a result of feet being neglected. Here is what you can do to prevent the problem:

  • Wear shoes that are comfortable and supportive

  • Use custom arch supports

  • Whenever possible, walk on soft surfaces (i.e. avoid concrete!)

  • Schedule regular chiropractic adjustments

By taking care of your feet, you can help improve the health of your spine. Have more questions about how your feet and spine work together? Just ask us during your next appointment or leave them in the comments!