Patient Testimonials

I’ve always had issues with my neck and recently I started experiencing terrible shoulder pain. I didn’t know what to do - and I was very cynical of chiropractic care. But a friend had a similar problem and found relief, so I figured I would give it a try - it couldn’t hurt.

Well it worked. The pain and discomfort didn’t magically disappear after the first session. But, after a course of treatment, I am well again.

— R.C. 35 years old, Nurse

About 6 months ago I started having migraine headaches. They came out of no where and completely incapacitated me. I went to my doctor and once she ruled out any number of serious diseases, she started me on medication. The problem is that I had a terrible reaction to the medicine that was supposed to help. I had been a patient of Williamsburg Chiropractic a few years back and decided that it might be worth speaking to the doctors there to see if they could help me.

They did help. I started treatment six months ago and have consistently improved - less frequent episodes and less severe episodes. I believe that this will continue and I will be “back to my old self” soon!

— R. D. 62 years old , Grandfather of 4 and Small Business Owner

Three years ago following an on the job injury, my life changed drastically.

After ongoing therapy and intervention, it was clear my condition was getting worse. It was then I made the decision to have surgery which was aborted in October of 2013, 23 hours after being in the operating room.

I had given up hope that I would ever be able to walk properly again. It was then I discovered Willimsburg Chiropractic and Dr. Jared Hoffman. After a thorough exam and consultation, he and his staff assured me there is hope for my condition without surgical intervention and that it would take up to 6 months to heal. In just 3 weeks, I went form using a walker to walk, to just a cane and sleepless nights in pain to tremendous relief and the ability to sleep through the night.

— M. Harun 62 years old

About a year ago I hit a low point, The only way I can describe how I felt is to say that “someone pulled my plug out” - I had absolutely no energy, To make matters worse, I was experiencing the worst insomnia that I had ever known.

For me, chiropractic care really turned my health around. Today I have a lot of vitality and just feel good. Best of all, I haven’t had to take any valium or sleeping pills. I feel like balance has been restored. Thank you Dr. Hoffman!

— B.D. 37 years old, Cancer survivor, Journalist

This place is GREAT!!! The Staff, Dr. Hoffman, their machines, waiting room are all EXCELLENT! My girlfriend and I always discuss how great it was of her to find this office on google and actually persue on visiting and having our adjustments done here!
— L.G.

Dr Hoffman is great. Friendly and accommodating staff.
— C.P.

Dr. Hoffman and his whole team have been nothing short of amazing.

Quick story on me to prove why I believe this to be true; I’m 23 years old and I had an L5-S1 Fusion in 2012. I had a fracture in my back that I still don’t know how it occurred and I also have degenerative disc disease. When i was 17 an Orthopedic Surgeon told me “you’re a 17 year old with the back of a 33 year old”. I went to another Orthopedic Surgeon a few years later who found the fracture and recommended surgery since he believed physical therapy alone would not help my pain. The surgery helped me, I cannot lie about that. Before surgery I was not able to walk more than 10 minutes without being in extreme pain. After the surgery I was able to walk longer distances without feeling pain or my back tightening even though it did (went from 10 minutes to basically 30 minutes). 20 minutes doesn’t sound like a a lotbut when we’re talking pain minutes, it’s a huge difference.

Besides the boost it gave (best way to describe) I was still in pain however. I would still wake up with pain and my back felt weak but just better than I did pre-surgery. I had sincerely accepted that I would live in pain for the rest of my life. A friend recommended me Dr. Hoffman because she had felt a significant difference in her pain level after working with him. Off the strength of her recommendation I decided to visit Dr. Hoffman.

Before my experience specifically with Dr. Hoffman, I would like to add that the staff is just great. The best customer service I would add. The customer experience they provide is the epitome of excellence. They are friendly, kind, funny and beyond welcoming.

Now, to Dr. Hoffman; he is a great doctor; that simple. He listens, he’s patient, and he explains the process clearly. My brother had tried to talk me out of seeing Dr. Hoffman because his experience with a prior chiropractor was awful. That chiropractor never even did an xray on my brother and he would try to do adjustments on him or massages. How do you treat someone in which you do not know their issue?

Dr. Hoffman exams you, tells you what looks wrong and how he can help. Since working with Dr. Hoffman or being a patient, I no longer wake up with pain. The only time I’m ever in pain or feel pain is when I’ve been driving a long time and I start to slouch in the car or have bad posture. I went from someone who accepted pain for the rest of his life (again I’m still only 23 years old) to someone who will soon get back to playing football and sports like I once did when I was a teenager.

Trust me when I tell you, Dr. Hoffman is legit. 100%
— Noel B.

The entire experience at Williamsburg Chiropractic is AWESOME! I had never been to a chiropractor before hurting my back while picking up my kids’ toy. Dr. Hoffman got me moving again quickly and now regular chiropractic care is a part of my life. As a mom to a nursing baby and a rambunctious 4 year old, keeping my body in shape is super important. Dr. Hoffman makes sure that I can be as active as I need to be through regular adjustments. I truly look forward to my Monday appointments. It’s the perfect way to start the week. To top it off, the staff are super friendly and welcoming and Dr. Hoffman genuinely cares about us!
— Sara T.

I LOVE LOVE Williamsburg Chiropractic!!! I began my chiropractic care Oct 2012, I was having serious lower/mid back pain. I started off with 3 visits/week and I graduated to 1 visit/week. At this point my visits are just weekly adjustments. Dr Hoffman is very cool in his care for his patients. He cares about the wellness of not only your spine but the whole body. If this wasn’t an doctors office I could hang out there. the girls in the front office are cool, amazing and super friendly!! If you have feel any pain you should definitely go to Williamsburg Chiropractic!
— Aimée B.

I found Dr. Hoffman after I threw my back out, and I am SO happy I did! From the moment you walk into the office, you can tell that you are cared about as a person. I drive all the way from Marine Park to get to him because of how wonderful he is.

Everything was explained to me beforehand, and the staff was very flexible with my schedule.

I’ve had a few disappointing experiences with chiropractors in the past, but I’m pleased to say that this one has been amazing! I only wish more doctors were like Dr. Hoffman!
— Ronnie D.

The staff at Williamsburg Chiropractic are personable, polite and professional. I called and hour before closing seeking an adjustment and Dr. Hoffman fit me into his busy practice. The doctor took his time went over my case history and spent a solid 20 minutes asking questions and, most importantly, listening to my answers and background info. A consummate professional, Dr. Hoffman was courteous, thorough and had my care and comfort in mind. Highly recommend his practice.
— M.D.

I’m presently being treated by Dr. Hoffman for a neck and upper spine injury. I would definitely recommend Williamsburg Chiropractic if you’re experiencing back or neck pain. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the office is spotless.

Dr. Hoffman and his staff are amazing. They make it a joy to come to my appointments, and he correctly diagnosed and treated me after years of improper diagnoses. Overall, if you want to optimize your health go see this guy!
— Jordan B.

This review is long overdue. I’ve seen doctor Hoffman for about a year, I have 4 bulged discs and two herniated, as well as a pars fracture that didn’t heal right, I’ve been to multiple Chiro’s in California (where I’m originally from) while they temporarily fixed problems. And I was skeptical (in
Always skeptical about any doctor) doctor Hoffman told me this will be a long process but to be patient. It’s been a long one but I can say he’s gotten me feeling WAY better. I couldn’t stand for more than 10-15 minutes and with his help from conservative adjustments pt work and stretching I have avoided back surgery. I’ve seen various surgeons and one who’s treated many nfl players for spinal fusions and herniated discs who agreed I should avoid surgery unless I absolutely have too. Doctor Hoffman’s a good person, and sometimes it can get CRAZY busy on occasion but that’s doctors in general during certain times of the year. If you’re patient and listen to him he can get you back on track! He’s really conservative with his chiropractic approach which A lot of doctors will appreciate since a lot of Chiro’s tend to be aggressive. He’s also very affordable IMO and isn’t trying to charge you an arm and a leg for anything and everything
— S.K.

Was very happy to find Williamsburg Chiropractic open on a Sunday when i woke up in a lot of pain. It was super quick and easy to make an appointment and everyone was incredibly helpful.
— M.C.

I’ve suffered with low back pain ever since a skiing accident 3 years ago. It wasn’t a terrible accident - I didn’t even think I was hurt, but after the fall my back started hurting and the pain just never subsided. I found myself reaching more frequently for the Tylenol and one day I just decided that I needed help.

I have found the results to be amazing. After my first visit with Dr. Hoffman, I had some relief. Within 6 weeks there was significant improvement. Today I am completely pain-free. My only regret is that I waited so long.

— E. S. - 47 years old, Mother of 3 Brooklyn, NY

I feel lucky to have found Dr. Hoffman. Since day one he has gone above and beyond his obligations to make chiropractic care accessible and pleasant for myself and my son. He is always kind.

I never wait. Even when the office seems busy, he always seems to have enough time to hear the details of my latest ailment. His assessment is thorough and his treatments have been effective. He and his office allow me to schedule and reschedule my appointments as necessary so that I can be well and meet the demands of my own chaotic schedule. I have referred more than a few friends to his care and each of them have had similar experiences. All on his own, he represents a quality of life upgrade for me...that’s priceless. Thanks Dr. Hoffman!
— D.D.

My partner and I have been under the care of Dr. Hoffman for six years and counting. He and his staff have proven over and over again to give extraordinary and exceptional healthcare to our family. From our initial examination and consultation Dr. Hoffman listened to our concerns and, after a thorough assessment offered a plan of care that fit both within our lifestyle and our budget.

My partner is the child of a chiropractor, so she has discriminating taste when choosing one for her family. She also has a spinal condition that needs specific attention. Dr. Hoffman has not only maintained her level of functionality but also increased her range of motion, providing a healthy and active lifestyle for all of us. We have since moved neighborhoods and still travel to Williamsburg Chiropractic for our health care needs, simply because they are the best. I trust Dr. Hoffman completely and highly recommend his practice to anyone seeking Chiropractic care.
— G.V.

Dr. Hoffman is a true healer! I saw him for a pinched nerve in my lower back during my whole pregnancy. He helped me attain optimal health and a pain free pregnancy. He now treats me and my son regularly for well visits. I’ve never once had a bad adjustment from him. The staff are so welcoming! Its like a family. Just what you want when you’re in discomfort.

— K.P

Everyone is so friendly, accommodating, and understanding. I always feel better after being adjusted and look forward to my next appointment. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor!
— F.G.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Hoffman for about 5 months now and the difference is like night and day. I was in nearly constant pain and missing time from work. Aching and stiffness kept me from enjoying any kind of outing or participating in any activities.

Since Dr. Hoffman has been treating me my symptoms have improved dramatically and I am able to be more active than I have been in years. Now I can enjoy going places and doing things. I am very grateful for the help he has given me and recommend his services to others.
— John T.

I was about 27 weeks pregnant and having horrible siatic nerve pains and lower back pains that would have me in tears when I first visited Dr. Hoffman, at the suggestion of my fiance who had been going to him since June.

He went because he threw his back out and was unable to move for days when finally he found this office and based on reviews went in. His back definitely improved and he suggested that I go in since my pains of pregnancy were taking a toll on me and I refused because I am not a fan of chiropractic services.

Oh boy was I wrong! I went in reluctantly after my leg gave out while crossing a street due to my siatic pain and my fiance made an appointment for me.

First walking in Cindy greeted me like she had known me for years because of how my fiance talks about me and I immediately calmed down and relaxed. Upon meeting Dr. Hoffman I was even more calm. He is so sincere and caring. He showed me how his bed adjusted for my pregnant belly and assured me this was perfectly safe for our unborn child. He scanned me and talked briefly and he asked to give me one adjustment and I can make a decision from there. After the adjustment and speaking with Cindy I knew that I was hooked.

I am now 33 weeks pregnant and have not had any siatic nerve pains since the very first visit and am feeling much better.

I highly recommend Dr. Hoffman and his staff to everyone! He made me a believer and has made my pregnancy that much easier.

Xoxo thank you!!!
— Sylvia B.

Dr. H is amazing! After my second episode of vertigo I found the office on YELP and called in a panic. Cindy calmed me down and was able to fit me in that day. I got stuck in traffic and they waited for me since I was their last patient! First visit consisted of x-rays and a nerve test. Dr H adjusted me and I literally felt better the next day. Over the course of several weeks I began to feel better than I have in years! Trust me you are in good hands!! He is a professional and has great bed side manners. The girls at the front desk are super sweet and accommodating.
— Larisa D.

For those that don’t like to read, here’s a short review: Dr. Hoffman and his staff are amazing and because of them I’ve been able to get my physical health back on track.

Wordier review: I came into the practice in late September 2013 and was not able to walk or stand on my own. I had been basically bedridden for a month before I went to the ER - who made things worse before I found Williamsburg Chiropractic. I had sciatic pain - which shot down from my lower back down to my toes. Not only was I immobile, I could barely sleep at night because the pain was so intense. After my FIRST visit with Dr. H, I was able to get a good night’s rest. After my first week of visits, I was able to get around more freely. After my first month, I felt normal again. I have committed to six months of adjustments and check ups because I believe that coming to WC has really improved my life. I’m almost four months into my treatment and can’t be happier. Despite not having insurance, the practice helped me work out a financial package that makes it easy for me to come in. It is worth every penny - for all you skeptics out there without insurance.

Dr. H is warm and friendly. He doesn’t only want to help you back to where you were before the pain, he wants you to get you to an even better physical place. Cindy and Elvira are amazing ladies who crack me up every time I come in. I feel like we’re friends and our meet ups just happen to be at a medical office. I mean, they quote Mean Girls to me, come on. Everyone makes you feel like family and when you’re nervous and scared about what’s going on with your body, it’s nice to have a sense of support and familiarity.

Bottom line: this practice changed my life for the better and I will forever be a patient of Dr. Hoffman’s as long as I’m living in New York. Save yourself the agony of pain and come to Williamsburg Chiropractic.
— Lylynn P.

Dr. Hoffman and his staff are WONDERFUL! I gladly take the long trek from Marine Park to see Dr. Hoffman. Every patient is treated like their favorite patient. The care that you get at Williamsburg Chiropractic is absolutely wonderful.
— Donna R.

My current back/neck/shoulder issue has resulted in my first experience with a chiropractor and it has been uniformly positive. Dr. Hoffman is extremely friendly and has the best bedside manner of any doc I have ever seen. Not to mention that his adjustments are serious — much more intensive and helpful than the previous chiro I saw. His office will always go to bat for me with the insurance company, and the front office staff — especially Cindy — make me feel welcome from the moment I walk in. Can’t recommend enough.
— Gregory S.

Dr. Hoffman is and his staff is amazing. The office is spotless, and appointments are punctual. After, I walk out of his office I have energy and feel positive. His wellness is an excellent program, I lost 12 lbs and lowed levels. Dr. Hoffman coached along the way. I never felt so good before since I’m seeing Dr. Hoffman. I would defiantly recommend Williamsburg Chiropractic.
— Jo B.

They are friendly and well organized. Dr. Hoffman really cares about his patients and it shows in the amount of time he spends to find out about you as an individual. I’m getting good results quickly. It’s quite a bit more expensive than other options in my area, but my health is worth it!
— Catherine P.

I definitely recommend visiting Dr. Hoffman for chiropractic work. He has effectively treated my back/neck pain and scoliosis (with visible results). He and his staff are friendly, personable and knowledgeable.
— Rachel B.

Two months ago as I lay in bed in too much pain to get up, I made the wonderful decision to get myself over to Williamsburg Chiropractic. I saw Dr. Hoffman and he was able to treat my lower back and hip pain. I could barely move and over the course of a 6 weeks I am pain free and feeling like myself again.
Both Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Tom are great and they have the best office staff.
So happy I found this practice.
— C.F.