Chiropractic Care During & After Pregnancy

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Back and Neck Pain During and After Pregnancy

During the end of the first trimester and beginning of the second, expectant mothers tend to feel changes in their uterus and pelvic area. As the baby and uterus continue to grow, these changes feel more apparent. The uterus contains ligaments designed to support its position inside the abdomen. Some of these ligaments attach to the tailbone, so as uterus and baby grow, there is more tension on the tail bone. This typically causes discomfort and dysfunction.

An expectant mother's center of gravity, spinal positioning, and hormones are constantly changing to accommodate the additional weight of the baby. This additional weight adds stress to the spine, pelvis and tail bone and often leads to misalignments in the spine. Which is why low back pain is a common complaint of expectant moms.

Don't worry, chiropractic can help!!

Dr. Hoffman will analyze your spine and adjust the specific areas that are out of alignment to reduce tension, pressure, and pain. This in turn will allow mom's body to function and feel better while also allowing for optimal fetal positioning in preparation for birth. Post-birth it is equally as important to visit Dr. Hoffman to ensure your hips and spine are aligned so you can recover from your pregnancy quicker. 

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