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Healthy Living and Chiropractic Care

I exercise regularly. I don’t feel any aches or pains. I don’t see any need to go to the chiropractor. Sound familiar? If you’ve ever thought that to yourself, then keep reading. Your health isn’t about not being in pain, and actually has very little to do with pain. Chiropractic, though effective as a natural pain relief tool, has far greater benefits for your health and wellness than just relieving back pain. It’s also great for regular healthcare.

Beat Your Low Back Pain!

If you have ever experienced recurring low back pain, you know that things can be going just fine and then suddenly, you are feeling that back pain again! You might even end up stuck lying flat on your back with an ice pack, unable to move. We have heard of this scenario time and time again. There are some constant factors to be aware of and we have tips to help you beat your low back pain.

Balance: It Starts With Your Feet!

As chiropractors, we are known as back and neck doctors. What many people don’t realize is that your feet are incredibly important in relation to your spine. You sit, stand, walk, and run all throughout the day. Perhaps there are times your shoes don’t fit quite right, or are particularly brutal on your feet (like high heels), and you then wonder why you are suffering from back pain. It’s time to show your feet the appreciation they deserve! Here’s what you should know.

Is Your Pain from a Pinched Nerve?

Your nerves communicate messages all over your body, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. When you suffer from a pinched nerve due to overuse, trauma, incorrect posture, or even gradual deterioration of your body, your brain hears the message loud and clear!

Tips to Correct Your Posture

Tips to Correct Your Posture

Posture is vital to your overall health, but it can be tough to correct poor posture because the muscles that create your posture cannot be contracted consciously. That typically leaves people wondering what they can do to correct their posture. Here are 5 tips I've given to patients over the years:

5 Little Known Facts About Your Spine

Majority of people don't know much about anatomy, besides the basics of course. Your spine goes from the base of your skill to your pelvis and supports all of your body weight while protecting your spinal cord. Naturally, as a chiropractor, I think the spine is awesome! Chiropractor or not, there are some awesome, little known facts about the spine that I wanted to share with you:

Travel Tips for the Holidays

For most families, holidays involve travel. Whether you're jetting off to see extended family or driving to your parents house for the day, it's important to be aware of the best ways to avoid stress and discomfort while traveling.