tips for your back

Balance: It Starts With Your Feet!

As chiropractors, we are known as back and neck doctors. What many people don’t realize is that your feet are incredibly important in relation to your spine. You sit, stand, walk, and run all throughout the day. Perhaps there are times your shoes don’t fit quite right, or are particularly brutal on your feet (like high heels), and you then wonder why you are suffering from back pain. It’s time to show your feet the appreciation they deserve! Here’s what you should know.

Show Your Spine Some Love!

Valentine’s Day is here, and most of us will be showing our loved ones we care with gifts, cards, candy, and flowers. In fact, we spend millions and millions of dollars on this day alone throughout the country. But this year, we want you to show your spine a little love. We challenge you to put forth an equal effort into loving your back for Valentine's Day!

3 Tips To Avoid Back to School Back Pain

You are likely focusing a lot of time and money on school supplies, however, if you don't approach the school year properly your kids might come home every day complaining of aches and pains among other things. Here are my top three tips that I recommend for back to school:

Travel Tips for the Holidays

For most families, holidays involve travel. Whether you're jetting off to see extended family or driving to your parents house for the day, it's important to be aware of the best ways to avoid stress and discomfort while traveling.