Avoid Overuse Injuries!

If you’ve been following our blogs, you already know how important it is to stretch and strengthen your body, particularly your core. When you have a strong core, you have an excellent foundation for a healthy spine. To maintain that strength and support, you have to be on the lookout for injuries from overuse. Here are our tips to avoid them.

Chiropractic and...Camping?!

Summer is in full swing, and that means camping trips are too! Camping means pitching a tent, sleeping under the stars, and making s'mores. You don't have to be an Eagle Scout to know there's more to it than that. Besides preparing your food and safety items, you can also prepare your body and our tips can help!

Can Chiropractic Make You A Better Athlete?

Whether you're a fitness fiend with a regular workout routine, someone who enjoys a game of softball on the weekend, a student athlete, or you're just trying to follow a healthier lifestyle, you might find that Chiropractic care is just what your regimen needs. If you are looking to improve your workouts, chiropractic may be the answer.

Arthritis: Can Chiropractic Help?

Though incredibly common, arthritis is a misunderstood disease. Arthritis is defined as an inflammation in one or more joints, which can cause stiffness, discomfort, and pain throughout the joints and body. Common symptoms include joint pain, swelling, stiffness, and decreased range of motion - all of which typically worsen with age. But what exactly is arthritis, and can chiropractic help?

Our Tips for Too Much Standing

As a chiropractic patient, you are probably aware of the importance of maintaining proper posture, whether you are seated or standing. Good posture helps us to sit, stand, walk, and lie in positions that put the least strain on supporting ligaments and muscles. Proper posture helps bones and joints to be in correct alignment, which decreases the wear on joint surfaces, helps prevent muscle strain and back pain, and reduces the stress put on ligaments, allowing muscles to work more efficiently. With proper posture, you will reduce your risk of back pain and injury.

Pain Relief for a Pinched Nerve

When you envision yourself enjoying true health, pinched nerves are not part of the picture. A compressed nerve (often called a pinched nerve) causes pain, tingling, numbness, or weakness in your leg or arm. For some, the symptoms are debilitating.  

Are Your Feet to Blame for Low Back Pain?

Over 80% of the population in the United States complains of back pain, making it a very common occurrence. Most likely, you've suffered from back pain, so you know how debilitating it can be. With so many back pain sufferers, it is important for us to understand what is causing it. For many, our feet are the culprit.

Why Chiropractic is Your Best Bet

Because chiropractic care is a non-invasive treatment (and is also drug-free), most consider it the safest choice for treating any back pain, neck pain, arm and leg joint pain. In addition, chiropractic helps with headaches/migraines and other skeletal conditions. While no one can guarantee a risk-free experience with any form of medicine (even though chiropractic has a near-perfect record), it is important to know the risks before going in. 

What Your Pain is Trying to Say to You

What Your Pain is Trying to Say to You

Typically the first response to pain is to take a pain pill like Tylenol or Advil. While this is an understandable response, this hurry to mask our pain symptoms, leads to us ignoring our body's only way of letting us know that something needs attention. For example, a headache is usually an indication of hunger or stress. A sore throat could be telling you that you need to rest your voice. If you mask these pain messages without addressing where they're coming from, you risk worsening the pain in the long run.

5 Reasons to Choose Chiropractic

Chiropractic care can bring you better health without the use of drugs or surgery because it taps into your body's natural ability to heal itself. While there are hundreds of thousands of benefits to chiropractic care, here are my top 5: