back stretch

Strengthen and Stretch!

A great way to be proactive about maintaining balance in your body is through stretching and strengthening. In order to keep your back strong and limber, we suggest exercises for your back, core, and legs. By focusing on strengthening and stretching these muscles, you will improve your spine's support system. A strong spine means reducing the risk of back pain and the complications that come with it. Here are our suggestions.

5 Stretching Tips

Each and every one of us knows how important it is to eat healthy, to exercise...and to stretch. But this doesn't mean that we all do it. So if you are going to take the time to do anything, I would recommend stretching! It requires no special equipment or clothes and can be done anywhere and at any time.

4 Stretches to Work Into Your Morning Routine

Most of the time, I wake up and immediately have a ton of things to do. Get the kids ready for school, make breakfast, check emails, etc. But, I've learned that those things need to wait until I am finished with my morning stretch routine. Hit snooze as many times as you need to in the morning, but before you get out of bed try these four stretches to kick off your day comfortably.